Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two Weeks Until Decision Day

I've been following Scott's progress down in Texas. He had surgery last Thursday. Today he is finally getting out of the ICU and into a regular room. He had his second open heart surgery to replace a dilated aorta and root and they put in a new aortic valve. Probably because this was his second OHS, he needs a pacemaker to keep his heart beating properly. It seems like his recovery is on track, although he will require a longer hospital stay. His partner Byran will be staying in the room with him from this point on, according to what I've read on Scott's blog, so that should insure that all of Scott's needs are taken care of. I wish him the best and hope that he can be released maybe by the weekend.

I go to get blood work done today in advance of my CT scan scheduled for January 6. So, it's two weeks from today until I meet again with the surgeon and find out what the battle plan is. In the meantime, I'm still walking twice a day for a total of about four miles, even in the cold. Yesterday my AM walk was interesting because the wind was really blowing strong from the Northwest off the river, and the wind chill must have been about zero degrees. It felt like that anyway. I wear my heaviest parka, hood, gloves and "Ninja" mask to cover my face. The only thing that was cold was my legs. I could benefit from some "Long Johns" but they are hard to come by to fit me because of my long legs.

Anyway, I'm feeling good and I'll continue the walks, and continue living life as normal as I can until Jan. 6. I have only minor symptoms, the palpitations, and getting winded easily on hills and steps. No dizziness yet, or swelling of the feet, etc. But why wait for that to occur? My condition is not going to get better, only worse. Also, aneurysms don't usually have symptoms...until they burst or dissect...and then you're in BIG trouble.

So, January 6 will be the day of reckoning. We'll see what happens then and we'll take it from there.

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