Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blood Pressure Wars

When I was younger, before my AV went bad, I used to have really good blood pressure, e.g., 100/60. Apparently, as BAV disease progresses, you develop what is know as "labile" hypertension. That's when your systolic (top mumber) blood pressure rises quickly and substantially when you exercise, become excited, etc. I don't understand the mechanism, but labile hypertension is one of the symptoms of BAV. Yesterday I went to see my doctor to get some blood tests done. Of course, many people have increases in BP in the doctor's office. Mine was way high (for me,) something like 160/90. My usual resting BP is in the 130/80 range. Well, my days of not taking any pills are just about over. I'll have to go on some sort of BP medication ASAP. I really should be on it already.

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Barbara Ann Levy said...

Medication has made my life a lot easier. I am on blood pressure meds for migraine and I don't get them anymore and my Mom is also on blood pressure meds after her heart attack and has normal blood pressure now. Meds are good!