Monday, November 25, 2013

Yearly Echo

Photo: Dan (L) and Jim (r) in 1983, the year we met.

Well, it has been 18 months since my last echocardiogram. There is some progression of the aortic stenosis. This doesn't surprise me, it just means that I will have to be more alert for the onset of any of the classic symptoms of severe stenosis, such as lightheartedness, shortness of breath, or fainting (of course!)

2008 gradients: 22/36 mmhg
2009 gradients: 16/27 mmhg
2011 gradients: 25/40 mmhg
2012 gradients: 23/39 mmhg
2013 gradients: 34/53 mmhg

2008 AVA: 1.3 cm2
2009 AVA: 1.2 cm2
2011 AVA: 1.1 cm2
2012 AVA: 1.3 cm2
2013 AVA: 0.8 cm2

2008 ascending aorta: 4.25 cm
2009 ascending aorta: 4.5 cm
2011 ascending aorta: 4.3 cm
2012 ascending aorta: 4.2 cm
2013 ascending aorta: 4.2 cm

2008 aortic root: (SOV 3.5cm, STJ 2.55 cm)
2009 aortic root: 3.7 cm
2011 aortic root: 3.0 cm
2012 aortic root: 3.5 cm
2013 aortic root: 3.4 cm

2008 EF: 55%
2009 EF: 70%
2011 EF: 65%
2012 EF: 60%
2013 EF: n/a

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Time For An Update

Photo: Dan (left) and me on board the Celebrity Silhouette last month (August 2013)

So it's been 18 months since my last echocardiogram and visit with my cardiologist. The cardio switched universities from Penn to Temple so my appointment last May had to be cancelled. I will get an echo in mid-October and see the cardio then. The last time we met he told me to "put it out of you mind," because my condition was stable. I don't think there has been any significant change since then. At least I don't feel any worse. My only complaint is that I get winded going up steps or walking up a hill. The doctor said it was a combination of the aortic stenosis and my age. So if that's the worst I can't complain. We'll see how the echo and appointment goes in a few weeks.