Friday, December 19, 2008

Knowledge Is Power!

Dan may sometimes think I'm too obsessive about researching my BAV disease and aneurysm. However, in the Dec. 18 New York Times there is a fantastic article written by a doctor that makes a powerful case for patients being as knowledgeable as possible about their condition. Here are some key quotes from the article:

Patients are more likely to spend time researching a job change (on average, about 10 hours) or a new car (8 hours) than the operation they are about to submit to or the surgeon who wields the knife.

“Today, medicine and surgery are really team sports,” Dr. Russell continued, “and the patient, as the ultimate decision maker, is the most important member of the team. Mistakes can happen, and patients have to be educated and must understand what is going on.”

“If we are truly going to reform the health care system in the U.S.,” Dr. Russell said, “everybody has to participate actively and must educate themselves. That means doctors, nurses, other health care professionals, lawyers, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies. But most of all, it means the patient.”

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