Thursday, December 25, 2008

Asymptomatic But Needing Surgery

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I am an active 44yo male with AI diagnosed in childhood. I have enjoyed annual checkups and echos (until this year). Recently I visited my cardio for my exam and he now informs me I have progressed to "severe" and surgery is needed. I am going for a second opinion in early January. I have always known that surgery is immanent but now? I feel great exercise pretty regularly, and am very active with no limitations. I have always been told what symptoms to look for and I have none
of them.

It's amazing how you can walk around and do most anything even though your valve is in bad shape. If you are in good physical condition, the body adapts and this can fool you. I'm in the severe range myself with a bicuspid aortic valve and a 4.3cm ascending aortic aneurysm, yet I feel fine and can do most anything...well, I get winded and I can't push to hard or else I get chest tightness. But I don't feel like I need surgery even though I do.

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