Thursday, October 4, 2012

DX: Stable

Good news again...the situation is stable.

2008 gradients: 22/36 mmhg
2009 gradients: 16/27 mmhg
2011 gradients: 25/40 mmhg
2012 gradients: 23/39 mmhg

2008 AVA: 1.3 cm2
2009 AVA: 1.2 cm2
2011 AVA: 1.1 cm2
2012 AVA: 1.3 cm2

2008 ascending aorta: 4.25 cm
2009 ascending aorta: 4.5 cm
2011 ascending aorta: 4.3 cm
2012 ascending aorta: 4.2 cm

2008 aortic root: (SOV 3.5cm, STJ 2.55 cm)
2009 aortic root: 3.7 cm
2011 aortic root: 3.0 cm
2012 aortic root: 3.5 cm

2008 EF: 55%
2009 EF: 70%
2011 EF: 65%
2012 EF: 60%

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Annual Echo Today

This is St. Barths...Gustavia all time favorite tropical vacation spot. It's been pretty quiet with me on the health front. Today i get my (delayed) yearly echo and meet with my cardiologist. I haven't noticed much change in the way I feel. We'll have to see what the numbers are.

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Busy Autumn 2011

My work with Occupy Philadelphia beginning early last October meant that I had little time to enjoy hobbies like my toy trains. I missed exhibitions in Pittsburgh, York, and one or two other train shows that I usually attend. In addition, chores at home backed up and a pile of paperwork grew on my desk. Nevertheless, I felt that it was important to be a part of the Occupy movement and support the sturggle of so many good hearted young people in their effort to bring about economic and social justice. After the Occupy Philadelphia encampment was evicted by police in December, I began to catch up on everything. I still attend demonstrations in my capacity as a "street medic," but I have more time now.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my 63rd birthday. My hisband Dan gave me this lovely painting of our kitten "Loki" that he painted last summer. What a nice gift to get. I was also contacted by the Yale Heart Study. They asked if I could help get the word out about this important study. If you have had a heart attack, please consider helping by participating in the study. See the box at the right. Meanwhile things are status quo here health wise. I have not noticed any significant changes in my condition...just a little fatigue that makes naps really something that I appreciate just about every day. I still continue to walk four to five miles a day. My next evaluation is in April. Meanwhile life goes on!