Monday, February 23, 2009

The Undiagnosed: Palpitations

I can remember being told as a child that I had a heart murmur, but I was assured that it was noting to be concerned about. I've had palpitations, pounding sensations from my heart, for a long time. I can remember actually going to a cardiologist about 20 years ago to simply ask him why I was having these sensations. "Too much caffiene," was one of the possibvle explanations he gave. Again, not to worry, I was told.

It wasn't until 2004 and my first echocardiogram that someone finally told me, oh, by the way, you have a problem with your aortic valve. It took a long time for the alarm to finally go off. I wonder how many other people are out there walking around with heart probelms that they don't know about. No wonder a lot of poeple just keel over and die.

The photo shows one of the the beautifuly reconstructed pathways near the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I walk by this just about every day on my afternoon walk.

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