Sunday, February 15, 2009

CT (Cat) Scans vs. Heart Catheterization

I was supposed to have both in December but I ended up only getting the CT Angio due to an office error. I don't really know whether just the CT is sufficient but the surgeon seemed to want it then. I guess it depends on the doctor. However, when I next go back I'm just supposed to get another CT, so that tells me that it's not a bad idea to ask if the more invasive procedure is really necessary.

But, are CT scans dangerous due to radiation exposure?

Here's what the hospital (Penn) says:

This test provides a different and more detailed picture of tissue and bone than is possible with a routine x-ray. The scan itself is painless and very safe. our radiation exposure is slightly more than a routine x-ray.

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I'm a heart warrior! said...

Most CT and xray machines these days expose you to very small amounts of radiation. You would probably get increased exposure in the cath lab, as you're exposed the entire time the catch is in you. I would prefer a CT scan vs a cath lap trip any day! =)