Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Still Wanting Answers

Well, I've decompressed some since the surgeon kicked me out of his office a month ago, but I'm still uneasy about my heart valve situation.

The "2008 Focused Update Incorporated Into the ACC/AHA 2006 Guidelines for the Management of Patients With Valvular Heart Disease" chart on the severity of valve disease in adults is here.

As you can see, a valve area index of < .6 is considered severe. My "numbers" are: valve area 1.3 cm2 (technically "moderate"), but "severe" - when adjusted for my body size - valve area index = .55. Even so, my surgeon put me on hold for surgery for the time being. And I have a dilated aorta (aneurysm) and I'm BAV to boot!

When I met with the surgeon he seemed annoyed that I was taking up his time and indicated that he didn't think my situation was that bad...I forget exactly what he said, something to the effect that my aortic valve is only moderately calcified, if I remember correctly. He's not the kind of doctor that is interested in you understanding what he feels your situation is...not easy to converse with...he came off to me as impatient. My Long Island cardio is like that too.

I guess I'll try to find another cardiologist who has some patience and see if I can get someone to discuss my situation with me.

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