Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Doctors Appointments

I made an appointment to see the new cardio in March. I'm trying to convince myself to keep it. Since I've relaxed after the intense month of heart related emotional ups and downs, I just really feel like moving on and enjoying my life for a while. Worst case is I wait for more serious symptoms - then do something. I may just do that for a while. I also made a dermatologist appointment for a check up. I spend a lot of time in the sum out on Fire Island, so I figure it's a good idea to get a look over once in a while (any excuse to take my clothes off! :)

I do read and post regularly on VR.com. I find it interesting to read about the various different kinds of issues we valvers face. And it's an OK place to hang out on line although I don't really have any close friends there.

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