Saturday, January 31, 2009

Genetics And BAV Disease

I was talking with Scott in Austin, TX the other day. Scott is another gay guy who just had OHS to correct an aneurysm. He had AVR three years ago but they didn't address the aorta at that time...a serious mistake. So he had to have another surgery. He is (was) BAV. He told me about some genetic research that is going on to try to find the marker for BAV disease. This is research that really needs to be done. He gave me the name and telephone number of the person he has as a contact...called a Bicuspid Genetic Counselor. I think I'll telephone this person next week and see what they're up to. He seems to feel like they are interested in identifying others with BAV to include in their studies. BTW, Scott told me that none of his first degree relatives are BAV, but he has a couple of cousins that are!

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