Friday, January 23, 2015

Aortic Valve Replacement: St. Jude "Trifecta"

So this is the valve prostheses my surgeon recommends. It looks good to me. Thank you Dr. Wheatley! I especially like the low pressure gradients that this valve can deliver to the patient. From the St. Jude web site:
Designed for outstanding performance in all three areas of hemodynamics, durability and implantability, the Trifecta valve demonstrates our passion for putting more control into the hands of physicians.

When the Goal Is Hemodynamics Created exclusively for the aortic position, the Trifecta valve delivers larger EOAs, resulting in single-digit pressure gradients.1 The Trifecta valve is designed to mimic the flow of a natural, healthy heart valve and offers excellent hemodynamic performance, which may provide patients with an improved quality of life.

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