Friday, March 20, 2009

Hooray! Someone I Can Talk With

I had my appointment this morning with Dr. Martin Keane at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Finally I found someone who I am comfortable with, who listens as well as speaks, with an easygoing and reassuring manner, yet who is frank about the situation. He suggested that I get a nuclear stress test so I signed up for that next Friday. It will be interesting to see how I manage during the stress part now that my aortic valve is moderately stenotic. This test is supposed to show the condition of the coronary arteries, I believe. According to the literature, people with BAV disease are usually not prone to developing CAD. I don't think I have coronary artery blockages. When I get my usual tightness it's in my throat area. Other people with valve disease have reported this tightness or pressure in the throat area. Well, we'll see if there is any more information after the test next Friday. I hope I don't keel over during the test!
In any event, I feel a lot better now after having seen Dr. Keane.

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