Saturday, July 25, 2009

Valve Disease Symptoms

A heart valve patient writes in an online article:

One morning I woke up feeling really tired - I couldn't understand it because I'd had a good night's sleep. Then over the next few weeks I started to feel breathless - it was a struggle even walking upstairs, which was odd as I've always been so fit and healthy. After about two months of this, my feet suddenly swelled up overnight - I couldn't even get my shoes on - and my throat felt really tight.

This morning I woke up feeling really tired even though I slept well last night. I also have a dull feeling, not quite a pain, in my chest. It feels like my heart is just so tired. I keep watching my ankles but so far there is no swelling and I'm not breathless. I've had tightness in my throat for years on exertion. These are "pre-symptoms" of valve disease. They don't count and you have to wait until you faint, get dizzy, or otherwise keel over.

So, it's back to watch and wait.

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